Travel writing with a baby in tow

People are often fascinated with the life of a travel writer. After all, it sounds like a pretty sweet deal. It can be, although of course, this competitive field – like anything worth doing – takes work to crack into.

If you’re keen get paid for your travels, you’ll probably love this course Sue designed telling you everything you need to know to get started.  It’s available online from here, or for Aussies you’ll find Sue teaching this in person on occasion too.

Travel with a baby is very different to travelling as a non parent.  Add in the fact that you’re working, and things quickly get complex.  Sue’s approach to travel writing with a baby in tow is this: Move slowly, and take plenty of time at a destination – Sue usually doubles what you think you’ll need, and that’s about right.  (This is important to know if you’re wanting to host Sue or another writer.)

Try not to change accommodation too often (a great tip even if you’re just holidaying with a baby in tow) – as each time takes you about a day to pack/unpack/adapt/figure out the basics and resettle everyone.

Remember, travel writers with kids along for the ride are better to pick one destination that is conducive to multiple stories or lots of daytrips.

Lastly, if you’re taking photos of other people’s kids, be wary.  We know strangers love to take a pic of a cute baby – that’s one thing (they really should ask), but if you’re planning on then posting that picture on a website, or submiiting it to a magainze, you’ll need to get their permission.  Better option? Use your own kids, or friends kids, or get pics from the person hosting your travel experience, if you’re a professional travel writer. (More about hosting travel writers here.)

Want to learn more about travel writing? Remember, Sue designed this travel writing course, it’ll tell you everything to need to know to get started.