From our perspective, travel insurance for babies is a must.  If you’ve long been a traveller, you’ll appreciate it’s worth its weight in peace of mind alone.  With a baby, it’s doubly, no, triply true.

Of course, travel insurance never feels like it’s cheap, until it saves your ass in a time of crisis. But really, the only thing worse than something happening while you’re away with bub is something happening and it leaving you stranded, sick or in debt as a result.  Trust us, you’ll feel much happier insured.

Travel insurance for babies is often free.

Remember, most insurers will allow you to add your kids to your adult travel insurance policy for nix.  The only thing to watch out for are any pre-existing conditions your child has.  If your baby has been sick or seeing a doctor for anything ongoing, you must, must, must get that approved by the insurer as a pre-existing condition.  If you don’t, they won’t be covered if the situation flares up while you’re away.  Don’t skimp on this, and remember you may need to provide a letter from your GP or specialist so get organised on insurance early.

Remember too, if you’ll be travelling regularly, buy a multi-trip or annual policy.  Not only will you save significant money, but you’ll only have to go through the process once.

If anything goes wrong on the road, call your insurer asap to find out what you need to do.  You may need a police report to claim lost or stolen property. Your insurer may also have a position on what health steps you should take if someone is ill.

Remember too it’s quite nice to travel with a baby first aid kit. Of course, in a real emergency, that’s not going to save the day, but it’s a great item to have with you.

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