Who doesn’t love a good yarn on the radio? As a keen talker from way back, I certainly do!

This interview was a recent chat with Alex Sloan on ABC 666. We talked about why I decided to setup Babies Who Travel, what it’s really like on the road with a baby, and if parents are crazy to do it.



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Aussie journalist, travel writer and founder of babieswhotravel.com Sue White has always been a traveller. When her son was born, Sue knew her travel itch would still need regular scratching. But how do you travel with a baby under one and still have a good time? Is it even possible? Where do busy new parents discover practical tips to support those first few trips? To find out, Sue and her baby son travelled both Australia and Europe doing house sits and house swaps; cat sitting and car journeys; took on 24 hours flights and short domestic jaunts; travelled with friends, solo and family members; and cycled, drove, flew and train-ed around seven countries, all before his first birthday. Learn more about Sue.