Work with us

Want to host one of our travel writers?

Are you a tourism body or family-focussed travel outlet who would like to host Sue White or another writer on a baby-friendly or toddler-friendly travel experience we can share with our readers? We’d love to talk.

Please be aware if you’re hosting Sue, she typically travels with her baby (naturally) and a friend, family member or nanny.  We will need accommodation to suit this purpose, including a separate space for the baby to sleep (so that she can write at night).  Unless there’s no wifi in the area, we’ll also need wifi, to blog and post to our social networks.

Also note, if you are offering us the opportunity to visit to review the experience, most professional travel writers are provided all accommodation, meals and activities on a complimentary basis (we always let our readers know when this is the case). In addition, usually – or at least, very often – you’ll also help get the writer to the location in question.  If you’re a PR professional dealing with journalists, this will all be second nature. But if you’re a small accommodation provider or a family travel product supplier, you may not have realised this – better to be forewarned so you know how the industry works. PS. If you can’t get us there but still want to host, let us know anyway and we can get back to you if someone we work with is in the area, or we will keep it in mind for a future trip that combines multiple experiences.

Would you like an article written by Sue White (founder of for your publication?

Do you need Sue to write a regular column or one-off story for your magazine or online publication? Yes, she can do this – in fact, it’s her bread and butter income.  See some examples of Sue’s published writing in newspapers and magazines about family travel and travel with a baby here.

Do you need guest posts for your site?

Do you want a guest post from Sue White on travel with a baby for your blog or website? Yes, she’d love to chat. We are always keen to connect with other bloggers – particularly travel bloggers – in order to help each other’s readers.

Interviews with Sue about travel with a baby.

Are you a journalist or blogger wanting to interview Sue for a story on travel with a baby? Happy to. Contact us here.

Got a product we should be recommending?

Let us know – but remember, we don’t recommend general baby products, unless they are somehow related to travel.  Here’s how we work:

  • Affiliate referrals: uses affiliate marketing, which means we get a percentage of any resulting sales that come when our readers click from our site to your product (our readers are always notified when they are clicking on these types of links).
  • Non-affiliate referrals: Naturally, to do our readers justice, we also refer and recommend products which don’t provide us with any financial incentive for referrals, but prefer the former. (Hey, everyone has to eat. Affiliate links allow us to dedicate more time to making great).
  • Giveaways for our readers:  Yes, we love them.  Happy to promote to our readers via our FB page.  Contact us with your offer. (Remember, it’s got to be something our readers will love AND need. Ideally, it’ll be travel related. If not, obviously it’ll at least be for under 1s!)
  • Ethical note: We don’t recommend or link to products unless we believe our readers will love them. If our reviewer thinks a product is great but there are a few hesitations – we must let our readers know that. (ie: We’re more likely to say, “This travel cot is super light but it’ll take you a number of practice goes to figure out how to put it up” rather than “This cot is super light. Buy it immediately.” Unless, of course, readers should buy it immediately!)