Swiss Trains - baby in kid play area

Swiss trains: the family carriage

There's public transport, and then there are the Swiss trains. Really, with or without a baby, it's hard to beat this country's train system....
Baby Friendly Hotel - whimsical design

Baby friendly hotel

What to look for in a baby friendly hotel, and other things to consider when sharing your hotel room with a baby.
snacks for babies

Snacks for babies: a how to

On the road? We've put together some ideas for snacks for babies that are easy to organise while you are travelling.
Airbnb with a baby

Airbnb with a baby

Airbnb with a baby? You may think that if you’re travelling with a baby, nobody would want to rent you a room on Airbnb. You’d be mistaken: it's a great option for family travel.
Good times: the best holidays with babies, mother walking with baby in Switzerland

Good times: the best holidays with babies

How do you guarantee good times for a baby on the road? What are the best types of holidays for babies? Some considerations for keeping your holiday baby friendly.
Flying alone with baby: 7 tips for success, baby exploring the plane

Flying alone with baby in tow? 7 tips for success

Nervous about flying alone with baby? Our 7 tips for successfully flying solo with a baby will help.
Tiny Explorers Messy Play at Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace: Tiny Explorers and messy play

Babies visiting London's Kensington Palace are formally invited to get royally dirty at the Palace's Messy Play sessions, part of the fabulous Tiny Explorers program.
Airport lounges: a saviour when travelling overseas with a baby

Airport lounges: a saviour when travelling overseas with a baby

If you're travelling overseas with a baby, and have a stop of two or more hours where you'll be hanging around the airport, we can't recommend airport lounges highly enough.
Baby helps pack - Packing tips

Packing tips for travel with babies

Packing. Yuk. Even worse when you're doing it for babies and kids as well. Our 8 packing tips for travelling with a baby will help.
Best travel high chair

Best travel high chair

your baby is six months or older, you'll find a travel high chair really handy. But which is the best travel high chair and why?
Sleeping baby with arm extended

Sleeping baby: how to help your baby sleep while travelling

Irrespective of location, all parents want to be the proud owner of a sleeping baby. Here's how to help your bub sleep when on holidays.
Baby first aid kit

Baby first aid kit

If there’s one thing worse than a sick baby, it's having a sick baby while you're away on holidays. A baby first aid kit can make a massive difference.

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